Chris Mitchell

(Vanguard Sound) ∞ DJ

Chris Mitchell is a dj, producer, and co-owner with Amir Alexander of Vanguard Sound and Anunnaki Cartel. His releases span a variety of labels such as Sistrum, Plan B Recordings, Proper Traxx, Unlearn and Argumento as well as his own imprints. Chris’ emphasis in sound ranges from futuristic, soulful, to raw and gritty. His first experiences with music came during the early 90’s when he began as a hip hop DJ. After meeting the DJ who would become his mentor, Chris was exposed to house music and later expanded his range to include several types of electronic music. Never being afraid of experimentation he played several clubs and parties locally and made his way into production. Teaming up with longtime friend and associate Amir Alexander Chris launched the Vanguard Sound and Anunnaki Cartel labels in order to remain uncompromising in his artistic vision. The pair have had several successful releases from themselves and artists including DJ Spider, Hakim Murphy, Dakini 9 and Joey Anderson.

Chris has played several successful international dates including Bohemian Grove (Manchester), Deli (Tel Aviv), Doka (Amsterdam), Fuse (Brussels), Concrete (Paris), Batofar (Paris), Harvey (Copenhagen), About Blank (Berlin), Phonoteque (Montevideo), BA Sound Culture (Buenos Aires) and several others.