Deep C

(Wamdue Kids) ∞ DJ

Chris Clark, better known as Deep C worldwide, started his love affair with music in 1979 at only 7 years old. It took Deep on a path to producing several timeless gems with the Wamdue Kids, and Tigerhook Corporation, and around the globe holding residencies and guest spots at the best clubs and festivals in the world, garnering a reputation as a djs, dj.
His illustrious DJ career started in 1990 in Detroit, where deep grew up getting influenced by the Electricfying Mojo, The Belleville 3, & Jeff Mills aka The Wizard. Later moving to Atlanta in ’93 where he would go on to meet co-founders of the Wamdue Kids, Chris Brann and Chris Udoh and cement an incredible artistic relationship. Wamdue, went on to produce around 100 releases on many legendary and underground labels such as Strictly Rhythm, Naked Music, Studio K7, Guidance Records, Communique, Acacia Records and many more. As a member of Tigerhook, Deep continued with releases on well respected labels Hooj Choons, The End Recordings, Bedrock, & Shaboom and held down national and international residencies at prestigious clubs Fabric (UK), Smart Bar (Chicago), KGB-Mission (Miami), Tresor (Berlin), & The Viper Room (Los Angeles) while also working at then one of the greatest record shops in the world Satellite Records in NY.
After some time off of music production to raise a family, Deep C was steady busy holding events in Philadelphia as Roc Philly (Avi David Partner), Adults At Play, & with a Burning Man Art Collective Bangarang, which he is still very active to this day. The future of Deep C in music is he is setting his sights on production once more and owns his new label Bodega Soundworks, which coincides with Philadelphia’s newest venue Bodega, where Deep C is the Entertainment Director. He’s host of the radio show the Keepers Of The Deep which is a 3hr long journey through the deep sounds of Electronic Music, Techno, & House.