Eddie Fowlkes

(Detroit Wax) ∞ DJ

A DJ and musical pioneer of Detroit, the legendary Eddie Fowlkes has changed the game of techno and house music.

Honored by the Detroit Historical Museum’s exhibit “Techno: Detroit’s Gift to the World” in 2003, Eddie Fowlkes and three other cohorts were featured for originating Detroit Techno music. The exhibit captured his over 25 years of experience in the music industry. The Detroit Legends Plaza collects cast handprints of Detroit’s greatest artists, from Motown to Detroit Techno.

Eddie has been a professional DJ since 1981, stretching back to when he got his first mixer for Christmas in 1978. That mixer led him to understand the power that music could have on people.

In 1983, Eddie Fowlkes was invited to join the Deep Space DJ crew with Juan Atkins and Derrick May. Promoters rent the venue and the Deep Space crew provided the music, the lights and the sound system. With that concept, they created the mobile DJ’s.

In 1984, when Eddie had an epiphany while he was in The Downstairs Pub in Detroit, Shelby & Congress, which inspired him to make his first hit record, “Goodbye Kiss” (released on Metroplex records in 1986). Eddie created the domino effect in Detroit that changed the dance music culture forever, where fellow artists like Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May (roommate at the time) followed.

With this transformation of artists making techno music in Detroit, the first Detroit compilation “Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit” came out in 1988 with Eddie’s hit, “Time to Express”. In the Fall of 1989, Eddie did his first european DJ tour with Juan Atkins. While on tour, he did countless remixes and EP’s with many european artists. Also, in 1991, he created his very first label “Made In Detroit” (M.I.D.) with only two releases. By Fowlkes initiating the “M.I.D.” brand, it confirms once more that his thinking is always one step ahead in the game.

As Detroit techno became the subject of more interest from European DJs and producers, Eddie was the fabric of the German techno scene in 1992. The German label Tresor released its third 12′ in 1992 by Eddie Fowlkes. The release was called “3MB” with Moritz von Oswald and Thomas Feldmann. Because this release was so massive (700’000 copies sold), they released two other “3MB” projects during the following years.

In 1993, was the beginning of a change: he created his second label: “Cityboy Records”, a mixture of detroit techno and american house. And its first record to come out was “I feel weak”, by Eddie Fowlkes, in the same year.

He also single-handedly established a new genre of dance music, ‘Techno-Soul’, by combining Techno & deep, soulful house sounds. He has released over 150 tracks in his career. Eddie has recordings on Sony, BMG, Warner Brothers, Virgin Records, Logic Records, Tresor, Azuli, P.I.A.S.(London) to name a few majors and independents.  He has remixed/produced The Pet Shops Boys, Moby, Martha Wash, as well as countless European artists.

In 2008, the climate of the music industry was changing to digital, so to keep the music and the culture alive through vinyl, Eddie started “Detroit Wax Records”. The first release was by Eric D. Clark: “G Movimente”. From 2008 to 2013, “Detroit Wax” has released eight quality 12” through Juno Distribution, that have rocked the EDM music scene. With the latest releases in 2013, “Something special” and “That’s what makes a track”, the DJ response to “That’s what makes a track” was so great that a video was created.

As a well-world renowned DJ, in 2013 Eddie had an eventful year: touring with Loco Dice and being featured in Dice’s “Summer Season in Ibiza” with Richie Hawtin and touring major clubs. In 2014, he also released a track on Desolat Records on “Desolat X Sampler”. The legendary DJ, Eddie Fowlkes, was invited to do a special 3 hour set at Boiler room in Berlin in April 2014.

Eddie is currently working on his next three releases on “Detroit Wax” and touring all over the world.