(Vibrant Music) ∞ Live & DJ

Konstantinos Soublis’ music was born in urban Greece and really found its path during the mid 90s, in a city that existed in a state of ‘flux’ like no other in the 20th century. Berlin’s social, historical and political factors all came to bear both consciously and unconsciously on the musicians experimenting in the city around the turn of the millennium and the freedom in the city’s creative spirit was very much a reflection of these wider factors. This, along with the naivety and liberalism of the time, mixed with punk-like rebellion against form gave birth to many of the strains of techno and electronic music that now dominate the sound of clubs the world over. Fluxion was swept along in this wave of creating for creativity’s sake during this special time, with an organic, naturally fluid and playful attitude towards pushing artistic boundaries.

With 8 Fluxion albums and numerous ep’s, his work sprawls across 2 decades. Fluxion
was at the start of the Dub Techno movement that is now considered a gender with thousands of releases. Two decades of constantly releasing and blending sounds without resting on his laurels of now considered classic releases such Vibrant Forms I and II but always inducing his sound with new ideas, and embracing the free form improvisational approach which enables an artist to use his studio as an instrument not a tool. He has collaborated with various well respected labels, such as Chain Reaction and Echocord as well as his own imprint Vibrant Music which has recently been re-launched (2017) for Fluxion and associated releases. He has recently collaborated on a new project titled Transformations with fellow Dub Techno sound artist Deepchord (Rod Modell), releases
of which will be out end of November 2017 and February 2018. There are Fluxion releases scheduled to come out from Echocord Records in January 2018, as well as an Fluxion album planned for first half of 2018. His latest album work as Fluxion (Vibrant Forms III), was released in 2016 closing the trilogy commended back in 1999 on Chain Reaction. While much of the scene Soublis and his contemporaries spawned have become aggressive and direct, Fluxion’s work takes the long view, “allowing sound to breath”, interact and meld together in new and unexpected ways. He plays with the mind’s conventional expectations in pieces of music, with no one loop repeating itself. Motifs may come and go, appearing unexpectedly in new and wonderful forms but with each experience of his music he wants the listener to perceive it in a different way.

A live Fluxion show is entirely improvised, exploring the role of the musician in the 21st century. He is highly influenced by the level of reciprocity and interaction that exists in the club between live performer and dancer. Through years of work he has developed a unique way to communicate this to new audiences and in new environments. The artist himself is often likes to taken into the realm of an audience, as his own creations are layered up and find an unintentional life of their own. In his live performances he is allowing room to himself for free improvisation of the pieces, resulting for those incidental accidents or “mistakes” as he puts it, to be fed back into the performance, probing again at the vibrancy of the room when the artist decides to take control of the musical flow again.

Through his current output and performances he aims to show that electronic music can be a constantly evolving collage of moods and textures and give this structure only through his over 20 years of experience in electronic composition. Fluxion today aims to embracing spontaneity, give space for non perfection and let go of control.