Marko Fürstenberg

(Ornaments) ∞ Live

Marko Fürstenberg seems to have followed the typical path to being a successful producer and DJ in the techno scene. Growing up in the GDR, more precisely in Thuringia, Marko managed to get his hands on records by groups like Depeche Mode, A-Ha and New Order.

Only a couple of years after the fall of the wall, Marko started DJ’ing at regional parties, fostering his interest in music and labels like X-Trax, Force Inc., Klang and later Basic Channel. Venturing further into production with his computer at home, he released his first music – a mixture between downbeat and trip hop.

With more and more internet labels on the horizon, Marko then released recordings under different monikers on labels like Thinner, Realaudio, Stadtgruen and Instabil, and provided Remixes for Digitalverein, Rktic, Lod and Sarah Goldfarb.

It was shortly after his first physical vinyl release that Marko decided to refrain from using different artists names and stick with his real name for future releases and performances.

After moving to leipzig in 2006, marko approached a peak level in productivity, releasing a number of songs in rapid succession with labels like a.r.t.less, echocord, rotary-cocktail, ornaments, etc.

Marko’s success within the constantly changing techno scene didn’t come as a surprise: together with diverse dj partners as well as solo artist marko is now performing regularly in clubs & parties all over the world.

His live sets combine classic dub-techno elements with current techno trends, which is much valued by his audience. with this kind of electronic music marko is considerably involved in the development of dub- and deep-techno.