Rebecca Goldberg

(Detroit Underground) ∞ Live & DJ

Back when radio ruled and the boombox gave us mixtapes, live broadcasts were the very essence of the Detroit club-music scene. Technology was turning cassettes into CDs and Rebecca’s frequent trips to Harmony House fueled her music collection. She poured over the cherished tunes that were spun on Saturday nights at the State Theatre’s legendary “Club X”. Inspired by Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale, the Godmother of House Music, who was reigning over the airwaves, it was only a matter of time before Rebecca would satiate her musical appetite as a disc jockey.

Rebecca is now a seasoned radio DJ, having mixed on Detroit public radio station WDET 101.9’s Sunday Sessions show, Red Bull Radio, as well as internet stations hosted across the globe. She holds down a few residencies for Detroit area dance nights and has performed internationally including notable venues Tresor (Berlin) and Silencio (Paris).

Goldberg has several self-released music and mutimedia projects as well as multiple vinyl releases on Detroit Underground. She has just released her third vinyl EP on Andy Garcia’s Cryovac Recordings. Rebecca is currently based in Detroit and gigging worldwide.