Ohm Hourani

(Anoma) ∞ Live & DJ

Impassioned to inject intellectual material into the electronic music scene, OHM HOURANI continues to challenge his understanding of sound. Alongside his innovative studio work, the Montreal-based artist embraces the intricate relationship between technology and electronic music.
His record label ANOMA is dedicated to the distribution of minimalistic, distinctive sounds kissed with a jazzy flair. Funded by the Canada Council of Arts and released in 2019, debut full-length album Jazz of the Machine travels long a didactic path carved by modular synthesizers and drum machines, navigated in the company of carefully hand-picked musicians and vocalists. 

Hourani’s playful enthusiasm manifests itself in his live sets and DJ sets that have piqued the curiosity of progressive-minded music enthusiasts and critics alike. His compositions showcase an infusion of organic sounds and live recordings with intricate sound engineering.
Collective works have been showcased live locally at his beloved MUTEK Montreal Festival, while also travelled abroad as feature performances at the Japanese edition of Montreux Jazz Festival. His DJ sets have resonated warmly with club audiences at esteemed institutions such as Berlin’s Club Der Visionaere, on board floating Parisian club Concrete, or at one of New York’s renowned afterparties. 

It’s an amorous and insightfully curious approach to creating sound. You might even call it anomalistic.