Los Hermanos

aka Gerald Mitchell (Underground Resistance) ∞ Live & DJ

Los Hermanos

Gerald Mitchell born and raised in Detroit is a Musician, Producer, Band Leader, DJ and Sonic visionary whose music has made a huge impact on Detroit house and techno.

From his work on Underground Resistance’s Interstellar Fugitives “Soul Saver” (aka UR 044) project to his Celestial Highways classic on Metroplex and early house production on Soul City, Gerald’s music has always been recognized by it soulful strength.

His work with Underground Resistance / DJ Rolando led to the anthem ‘Knights of the Jaguar; and now, Los Hermanos. Through Los Hermanos, he has brought his experience as a live musician into a group that expresses jazz-fusion, gospel and funk into stunning electronic music. Gerald has collaborated with many well-known artist, DJ, producers,and programmers from around the world and continues to be a leader in the electronic music scene worldwide.

Gerald has begun his solo career after organizing Los Hermanos with new projects from Jazz to Electronic Dance music on the horizon and known for many remixes of well known artist, Gerald continues to be a innovative producer from Detroit well into the future of music.

Gerald Mitchell is available to perform both as a solo artist and as Los Hermanos.