Magda El Bayoumi

(Tresor) ∞ DJ

Magda El Bayoumi is an artist of Polish and Egyptian origin currently living in Berlin.
Resident dj of Berlin’s legend – Tresor club where she play mostly at the Globus floor, she tends to oscillate between techno and different house sub-genres.
Born in Dubai – a mix of nationalities from around the world, relocating later to Warsaw, having a six-month Chicago episode later among other places, she always feels to be true a citizen of the world.
Her strong interest in music since early childhood was inspired due to her father musician and composer who exposed her to music universe and who bought her first Casio keyboard among other instruments.
While playing the guitar, dabbling with the piano, dreaming of becoming a percussionist and exploring different musical genres she finally discovered clubs, parties and electronic music. She became completely fascinated by dj – ing and playing vinyl records.
Regardless of graduating Psychology, her first work experiences with booking artists and organizing parties brought her ever closer to the dj scene where she discovered her deep passion for music, playing and collecting records.
What makes a good dj is a blend of proper record selection with obvious musical knowledge behind plus technical skills — and that’s a concept she strongly believe in.
Whenever she is opening the night, playing in prime time or closing the party, she adjust easily providing best performance possible. Good classic or fresh and new sound techno and house tracks or versatile electronic productions play an important role in her choice of music today. There is only one rule: quality.
Expanding her musical horizons and taking dj – ing to the next level, she decided to move to Berlin – the Mecca of electronic music to find her own place among other creative and open-minded people: „I adore this international tangle of people, creative, uncompromising in expressing themselves and the atmosphere of acceptance of any dissidence — this place definitely fits into my soul” — she admits.
With her residency at Tresor club, she has an opportunity to meet and share musical experiences with the most respected names in the industry today.