Jared Wilson

(7777) ∞ Live & DJ

Jared Wilson is a DJ, Producer, and professionally trained Artist who came up in the Detroit underground parties of the early 90s. Coming from a musical family, most of his earliest memories revolve around music. These early experiences shaped Jared’s decision to devote his life to music. While honing his craft in the studio and DJing, Wilson co-ran Feed the Machine Records in addition to earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College for Creative Studies where he graduated in 2001. It is Wilson’s own imprint, 7777 records, which transformed his career as not only a DJ but as an accomplished producer. 7777 reliably puts out dance floor favorites including “Drug Related Stories,” “Ghettoblaster,” and most recently his Ghostminers series. Jared Wilson’s international reputation has grown to attract the attention of many notable people in the techno industry, including Skudge, which led to the 2×12” “A Little Moonlight Dancing” a hit that was so popular it was repressed in Translucent blue vinyl. Paris collective Concrete, also requested Wilson for their first release Texture I. Scottish label, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, who was named UK breakthrough label of the year in 2015 by DJMag, saw Wilson on their first outing. DABJ has him upcoming with “Communing with Ghosts.” With remixes for acclaimed labels such as Fragil Musique, End of Dayz, Just Jack Records, Lobsters Theremin, Acoustic Division, and most recently his single “Idea of a Deep State” on Super Rhythm Trax in addition to releases such as 7777-10 alias ‘Downriver Psychic Divas’ Wilson shows that he is a master at making the boxes talk for him combining the traditions of Chicago and Detroit to form his own unique sound. Wilson has releases scheduled for 2017 for I Love Acid, Super Rhythm Trax, and 7777. As stated by Robbie Geoghegan of Igloo Magazine, “Jared Wilson is of a new Detroit lilt. He has not been eclipsed by the gravitas that comes with the Motor City, instead he uses it as a bedrock from which to bring forth his own take on techno. Wilson, armed with his analogue arsenal, forces a new rawness: an unashamed baring of teeth to those who think Detroit has had its day.”