Joachim Spieth

(Affin) ∞ DJ

Joachim Spieth is a German DJ, music producer and label owner who emerged musically in the late nineties and has since developed a multi-faceted spectrum of sound between the poles of ambient and spherical techno. Characteristic for his work is the attention to detail and a sensitive sensorium for the creation of atmospheres, which one can hardly escape, no matter if this takes place in his studio work or in his performances.
After several years of intensive collaboration with Wolfgang Voigt’s Kompakt imprint, he founded his own label, Affin, in 2007, which has been constantly developing ever since and has made a name for itself internationally. Besides quite a few EP’s and collaborations, he has released a number of albums in the past years such as Irradiance, Tides, Ousia, Terrain as well as the recently released Reshape projekt, which features variations of his music tracks by Alva Noto, ASC, bvdub and others. In addition to the albums, the Textures Sound Library series was created, which impressively document Spieth’s musical development.
As a DJ, Joachim Spieth has been performing in more than 30 countries all over the world. He’s driven by an absolute devotion to music and his pleasure to share it.