Roberto Clementi

(Soma) ∞ DJ

Roberto Clementi is one of the most inventive and creative electronic music artists currently making his name known in the underground scene. Since debuting on Brendon Moeller’s Steadfast Records and seminal Scottish imprint Soma Records in the last couple of years, Roberto has become one artist that stands out from the crowd. More than your usual producer/sound designer, his own unique vision & spirit of his music of his music has helped to sculpt him as an individual. Using an array of analogue synths, groove boxes and more, Roberto has crafted more than just music with specific genre tags. He allows his artistic prowess to flow through each track making each one a living, breathing embodiment of himself. Clementi’s story starts in a small town on Italy’s East Coast in the picturesque region of Porto San Giorgio. “Growing up remotely I grew up with out external influences, MTV etc which enabled me to develop my own taste, discover new sounds and find out what I liked. There were a lot of problems with the TV signal so my father in 1989 bought one of the first models of satellite receivers and I discovered the live streaming of street parade! I was so impressed that I hooked my fisher price cassette recorder up to the TV and started recording”. It was these recordings that ignited Clementi’s passion for music although it wasn’t until he turned 16 and through his first job that he was able to acquire the equipment necessary to begin his foray into electronic music. Roberto is not only a skilled produced but also a talented DJ and Live performer. In his hometown he has held a residency with his local crew I-Rob since 2006 and was instrumental in founding the Maf Maf Festival. Fusing elements of dub-techno, house and electronica, Clementi aims to keep his performances full of emotion and feeling. Each DJ/Live set is derived solely for the moment allowing him to tap into each dance floors unique properties and tailor his set accordingly. Roberto strives to make each show as unique as possible for the listener whilst simultaneously pouring his soul and artistic drive into them Over the last year Clementi has been working hard in the studio on his debut album for and is now ready to unleash his opus entitled N Lights on Soma
Records. The album was created through the research of unique, new sounds, made with analogue equipment, samples from old tapes & field recordings. Elements he felt were key in creating an underground feel to an album of melodic, dance floor orientated music. With further releases coming on Echocord Colour with remixes from Marcel Dettmann and Norman Nodge and an EP on Sorry for This with a special remix from Steve O’Sullivan, 2015 and 2016 promises to be brightest yet for Roberto Clementi.