Marc Schneider

(Story) ∞ DJ

We can all think of influential jocks—those DJ’s DJs who break tunes, set styles and de- termine trends. But who influences these influencers? For two decades, Hamburg’s Marc Schneider has been a key tastemaker amongst Germany’s DJing elite, both behind the decks, as well as behind the desk, working at key distributors Container and Word and Sound, as well as running his own Story imprint.
A gatekeeper with access to virtually every worthwhile piece of vinyl to enter the country over the past 20 years, Schneider has been collecting his DJ weapons since the heyday of 90s German raves while appearing at legendary parties like Love Parade and the original Tresor club. And he continues to deliver today, playing Berlin’s Panorama Bar several times a year, plus frequenting Watergate, London’s Fabric, Eleven in Tokyo, Rex Club in Paris and The Bunker (NYC). That’s not to mention his long-running affiliation with Hamburg’s storied Golden Pudel club, perhaps the most unassuming venue to ever reach global renown.
Much like his hometown home base, Schneider’s name is no longer a secret. A new rela- tionship with Circus Company—home to stars like Seth Troxler, Nicolas Jaar and DJ Koze— means that more of the dance music world is about to discover what discerning DJs have already known for year: When it come impeccable taste in house and techno, Marc Schneider is the DJ’s DJ.